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Applications for the Town of Parma can be found on the municipal site

Agricultural Data Statement

Please note: Section 283-a of the Town Law requires any application for a site plan approval, subdivision approval, special permit or use variance on property within an agricultural district containing a farm operation, or on property with boundaries within five hundred (500) feet of a farm operation located in an agricultural district, to include an Agricultural Data Statement.

A farm operation is defined as “...the land and on-farm buildings, equipment, manure processing and handling facilities, and practices which contribute to the production, preparation and marketing of crops, livestock and livestock products as a commercial enterprise….” (Section 301, Article 25-AA of the Agriculture and Markets Law).

Appeals Checklist and Application - Area Variance

Application for a Public Hearing - Special Event or Temporary Use

Application for a Public Hearing - Variance or Special Permit

Building Permit Application

EPOD Application

Application for Environmental Protection Overlay District (EPOD) Development. 

Property Split or Merge Form

Application for Planning Board Review of Property Split or Merger. 

Rezoning Application

SEQR - Short Environmental Assessment Form

Site Plan Review - Commercial or Industrial

Application for Planning Board Review of Site Plan for Development of Business (Commercial) or Industrial Proposal. 

Site Plan Review - Single Lot Residential

Application for Planning Board Review of Site Plan Proposal of Single Lot - Residential Development